1993 is meant to emulate the background music to the first level of a video game. Its cheerful quality and simple form and harmony reflect the simplicity of life as a child.

Originally from Syracuse, New York, Marco Schirripa holds Bachelor’s degrees in Percussion Performance and Music Theory from Ithaca College, along with Master and Doctor of Music degrees in Percussion from Indiana University, where he was awarded the prestigious Performer's Certificate during his first year of study. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Percussion at Central Michigan University.

Intended to emulate videogame music, this lighthearted work will leave audience members whistling the simple melodic themes as they leave the concert hall… A fun piece to either open or close a collegiate recital, the witty ending is sure to get a chuckle out of audience members.

Darin Olson, Percussive Notes — July 2014



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