Auburn Run-Out

A short but exciting piece for multi-percussion quartet.


Auburn Run-Out is a percussion quartet short on duration (2:00) but big on exictement. It is scored for: Player 1 — bongos and hi-hat; Player 2 — snare drum, two tom-toms and suspended cymbal; Player 3 — two timpani; and Player 4 — low tom-tom and bass drum. Each player is challenged tecnically, particulary Player 2 on snare drum. The tempo marking is quarter note = 168 and the meter is mostly 2/4 with some 3/4 and 3/8 sections. It would be an exciting opener for a percussion ensemble concert. The precision needed among the performers, the fast tempo and mixed meter make this piece challgening, fun, and rewarding for the ensemble and exciting for an audience.

— John Beck, Percussive Notes, Dec. 1995



Performance Type

3-5 Players