Cordes et lames

Cordes et lames (“Strings and Bars”) for marimba and string quintet. Featured on Eric Sammut’s CD “Mirages”.

Jean-Pascal Beintus (born 1966) is a French composer.

Cordes et lames (“Strings and Bars”) is based on a concept of a friend of mine, Jean-Pascal Beintus. The first movement uses a theme that begins mysteriously and develops into something obsessive. The second movement is meditative, lyric and calming. The third movement bursts with energy and rhythm. The development in this movement has very virtuosic passages in the marimba part and the tension increases along with a crescendo right to the end of the piece.

Eric Sammut

Cordes et lames is featured on Eric Sammut’s CD Mirages.

Instrumentation: Marimba, Violin 1, Violin 2, Alto (Viola), Violoncelle (Cello) and Contrebasse (Double Bass)

First Movement

Second Movement

Third Movement



Performance Type

6+ Players