A multi-percussion trio inspired by three of the greatest rock and fusion drum set players.

"Andy Harnsberger is a joy to watch in performance and a feast for the ears.The sensitivity and strength in his live playing was a treasure for the audience ...simply phenomenal!" -- National Public Radio Praised by Percussive Notes Journal as "A Master of Musical Nuance," Andy Harnsberger enjoys a versatile career as a performer, composer, and educator.

DIN is a trio for multi-percussionists, inspired by the infamous Gadd, Weckl, Colaiuta drum-off. Each performer utilizes a pedal bass drum, snare drum, bongos, and splash cymbal. It spans a range of styles from Rudimental to World music, with the inclusion of temple blocks and opera gongs.

Instrumentation: 3 bass drums w/ pedals, 3 low tom-toms, 3 snare drums, 3 bongos, temple blocks, opera gongs, 2 cymbals



Performance Type

3-5 Players