Invitation (Recording)

The solo debut recording of internationally renowned vibraphonist Tony Miceli.

Vibraphonist Tony Miceli, whose playing has been compared with the legendary Milt Jackson and Gary Burton, grew up in New Jersey, currently resides in Philadelphia, and has been working steadily on the jazz scene since 1980.

Consider this your personal invitation to a private solo concert with internationally renowned vibraphonist Tony Miceli. Tony plays ballads by some of the greateset names in jazz on the greatest vibraphone created — the Malletech OmegaVibe. So grab a glass of wine, pull your loved one close and prepare to be serenaded, wherever you may be listening.

The liner notes invite the listener to a “private solo concert with internationally renowned vibraphonist Tony Miceli.” This album does feel like Miceli is playing just for the listener. He performs classics by such legendary composers as Ornette Coleman, Thelonious Monk, Joe Henderson, and Chick Corea.

Miceli has a knack for choosing just the right notes to communicate a wide array of emotions. From the hauntingly melancholy “But Beautiful” and “Easy Living” to the playful “When Will the Blues Leave” and “Recordame,” his mastery of the instrument is clearly apparent. “Secret Love” has a swing feel that is so strong that listeners have to remind themselves that there is not a rhythm section propelling the pulse. The recording quality is excellent. Miceli performs on the OmegaVibe from Malletech, which has a beautiful, full sound.

Miceli can be sparse without being boring, and busy without sounding hectic. His phrasing, interpretation, and voicings are well thought out. It is obvious that he selects each note just as carefully as a skilled author chooses words. This is not an album for percussionists only; it is a beautiful collection of ballads that will connect with any listener.

-Jeff W. Johnson, Percussive Notes, July 2019

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