Percussion ensemble for 5 multi-percussion players.

Alan Chan is a multi-faceted composer with a goal to break away from the rigid definitions of style and identity in order to create his own.

Percussion ensemble for 5 multi-percussion players.

Jin Shi Wei Kai (literally translated as metal…stone…being…cracked) is an ancient Chinese idiom, dates back to the 5th century B.C., which tells about a famous archer and the struggle between his will and the unruly force of nature. It implies that if we have faith and effort, we can accomplish any difficult task. Similar proverbs can be found in the Bible such as “Moving Mountains” from Saint Paul’s letters. This piece was commissioned by Composer and Authors Society of Hong Kong in 2001. Duration: ca. 12 minutes PLAYER 1 Xylophone Vibraphone (shared with Per. 2) Suspended cymbal Tam-tams (2) (small/large) Brake drum Lion’s roar Triangle PLAYER 2 Marimba (5-octave) Vibraphone (shared with Per. 1) Chimes Almglocken (large) (2) Slap stick Claves Snare drum Kick drum Triangle PERCUSSION 3 Crotales (2 octaves) (shared with Per. 4) Guiro Temple blocks (5) (shared with Per. 4) Bongos (2) / Congas (2) Bass drum (small) (shared with Per. 4) Bass drum (large) PERCUSSION 4 Crotales (shared with Per. 3) Cowbells (2) Roto-toms (14″,12″,10″,8″) Temple blocks (5) (shared with Per. 3) Bamboo wind chimes Suspended cymbal (shared with Per. 5) Tom-toms (4) (shared with Per. 5) Bass drum (small) (shared with Per. 3) Triangle PERCUSSION 5 Glockenspiel Woodblocks (2) (High and low) Suspended cymbal (shared with Per. 4) Timpani (4) Tom-tom (4) (shared with Per. 4)




Performance Type

3-5 Players