Percussion Ensemble for 3 players

Alan Chan is a multi-faceted composer with a goal to break away from the rigid definitions of style and identity in order to create his own.

This piece is an adaptation of music written for a theater production called “Open”, directed by Gino Ng at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The play explores about ways of communication of our times such as the Internet and mobile phones. Through these technologies we are easily connected with each other ‘virtually,’ yet we begin to gradually abandon our natural way of connecting with one another. “Open” looks for the most simple and straightforward way to reconnect with people and seeks to open our hearts to one and other. The idea of the music came from the methods of communication between humans in prehistoric time using drums. On the contrary, via the Internet of today, we often communicate with each other using the computer keyboard. INSTRUMENTATION Percussion 1: Tom-Toms (4), Kick Drum, Bamboo Wind Chimes Percussion 2: Cowbells (2), Temple Blocks (5), Snare Drum Percussion 3: Conga (1), Tam-Tam (1), Bass Drum (1) Tape (optional): prepare a recording of computer keyboard typing, about 2 minutes, for playback at the last section of the piece. A person would be needed to control the playback device (including volume) that connects with the amplifier and speaks.



Performance Type

3-5 Players