Route 666

For marimba solist, 2 multi-percussionists, and two keyboard or mallet keyboard players

STOUT/R666 ,
Gordon Stout (b.1952) is currently Professor of Percussion at the School of Music, Ithaca College, Ithaca, N.Y., where he has taught percussion since 1980.

Instrumentation for the percussion quartet is not exactly specified. It is the composer’s intention that each individual group that performs this piece decide to some extent what instruments to play throughout the piece.


Percussion 1 – LP Cabasa or something that approximates that sounds, such as small closed hi-hat, or Engleheart ribbon crashers played with sticks.

Percussion 2
– three low drums with a tom-tom kind of sound (preferable double headed)
– two medium drums with a conga kind of sound
– two high drums such as timbale or bongo
– two wooden instruments such as higher-pitched wood blocks or temple blocks
– four cymbals or metal instruments (one china, small and large crash with a short sustain, and one ride cymbal (flat top ride)

Keyboard 1 & 2 – Mallet percussion or piano, synthesizer, malletkat, etc.

Solo Marimba – A five-octave marimba is required. If necessary, don’t be afraid to amplify the marimba for balance reasons.



Performance Type

3-5 Players