Sand Dunes

Commissioned for Escape X, this marimba duo uses shell bracelets and ankle bells to create imagery of sand dunes.

Kelly Rossum is an international trumpet artist, improviser and composer.

Sand Dunes, for marimba duo, was commissioned by Escape Ten (Andrea Venet and Annie Stevens) in 2015. The composition originated as an exploration of groove, evoking the rolling vistas of huge sand dunes, along with the detailed examination of each footprint. The grand illusion of simplicity allows the audience to enjoy the overall atmosphere of the piece while at the same time offering the opportunity to study the complexity of each musician’s performance. This unique arrangement for two marimbas incorporates additional percussion to amplify the groove and to provide a foil for the cross-metered rhythms found embedded within the ostinato parts. As each musician walks through the musical dunes, the aural scene changes ever so slightly; proving the journey is actually the destination.



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