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New Music from Gordon Stout

Gordon Stout

Mexican Dances is one of the best-selling, most frequently performed pieces of marimba literature. But that hasn't stopped Gordon Stout from delivering a prolific output of outstanding compositions, including the four newest titles below. Check out his vast catalog available from KPP ... and stay tuned for LOTS more of his music.

Cerulian Landscape

Stout: Cerulian Landscape

Cerulian Landscape was written for solo marimba (5.0) in 2013 for Japanese marimbist Kana Omori. It is a moderately difficult work of 5'40" in length, in a freely composed style and form, progressing through various beautiful and lyrical landscapes.

Afternoon Footprints

Stout: Afternoon Footprints

Afternoon Footprints was written for solo marimba (5.0) in 2014. Highly suitable for the advanced marimba recital, this work will be appreciated by non-marimbists and the general public, as well as performers who want a work that concentrates on musical virtuosity.


Stout: Outgoing

Outgoing (original version 2011) is scored for piano, marimba (5.0), timpani and two percussionists, and is approximately 9'30" in length.This is a broad and expansive work, encompassing a number of different styles of music and expressive capabilities of the exciting chamber group.

Somewhere in Africa

Stout: Somewhere in Africa There's a Whirlwind

Somewhere in Africa There's a Whirlwind  was composed in 2010 for two five-octave marimbas. This is an exciting and virtuosic work, written for Marco Schirripa and Sean Gill, who gave the premiere performance and recorded it on Stout's most recent CD, Welcome to Stoutland.

Composer Eric Ewazen Honored with Eastman's Distinguished Alumni Award!

ewazen honors

It Was 20 Years Ago Today ...

Eric Sammut

Eric Sammut is one of today's leading composers and performers for the marimba. But 20 years ago, this week, he was just a virtually unknown marimba player from France ... who earned first place in the world's first ever international marimba competition.


The 1995 Leigh Howard Stevens International Marimba Competition ran from August 8-12, 1995 in Asbury Park, NJ, and featured 61 players from 22 different countries all over the world. Judges included Vida Chenoweth, Hiroyoshi Kita, Bent Lylloff, Leigh Howard Stevens, Gordon Stout and Robert Van Sice.

Sammut Wins Marimba Competition - 1995

Some of Sammut's newest compositions:

Porgy & Bess          Bras A Achile

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More New Releases from KPP

New Arrangements from Yurika Kimura

Castle Valse Classique (Xylo & Marimba Quartet)

Kimura: Castle Valse Classique

The name Castle Valse Classique refers to the dance team of Vernon and Irene Castle, who were exceedingly popular performers and teachers of all the ballroom dance styles in vogue in the United States during the 1910s and 20s. The Castles' "hesitation waltz" treatment of Dvorak's Humoresque became one of their signature numbers, and Green's spectacular obbligato xylophone performance made the music persuasive enough to stand alone on records.

Prelude in G Major for Two Marimbas

Kimura: Prelude in G Major for Two Marimbas

It is assumed that each numbered opus from Clair Omar Musser consisted of 20 pieces, but there is no surviving evidence of them now. The version of Opus 11, Number 3, published in 1948, had some issues with the chords and expression markings. I made some corrections and consistencies in this new edition, but I tried to keep Musser's notation intact as much as possible. - Yurika Kimura


Etude in Ab Major for Two Marimbas

Kimura: Prelude in Ab Major for Two Marimbas

The version of Opus 6, Number 2 published in 1948 had some issues with the chords, as well as with expression markings like accents, staccatos, dynamics, etc. I made some corrections and consistencies in this new edition, but I tried to keep Musser’s notation intact as much as possible. Examining several of the original manuscripts helped clarify his personal approach to notation. - Yurika Kimura



The Escape X Publication Series

Drew Worden: A One Way Ticket 

Drew Worden: A One Way Ticket

A One Way Ticket was inspired by Kelsey Burritt's poem, Drone, notes Worden. "There do not appear to be strong cadences ... where one has time to stop and think about the last several lines ... rather, the poem begs you to keep reading until it simply stops -- in an entirely different place from where it began."




Christopher Cook: Abandoned Roadside Chorale

Christopher Cook: Abandoned Roadside Chorale

It is hard not to be curious about something hawked by a hundred billboards as you drive through the back of beyond. Many of these campy roadside attractions are eerily abandoned but still a worthy destination for the curious motorist (and touring percussion duo).




Steve Danyew: Chorale Variations 

Steve Danyew: Chorale Variations

Chorale Variations is scored for two marimbas and consists of five short movements. The piece was commissioned by Escape X in 2013.