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NEW! BG2.6 "Infinity" Glock
Now Available

BG2.6 Infinity Glock

Our glockenspiel has a crystalline, vocal tone with the longest ring time.

Features include steel bars on our patented 3-point suspension system, vaulted rails for superior resonance and rattle-free latches.

Now available in a birch ply case finished in satin ebony with satin bars.

3rd World Vibes Congress
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Artists at the 2nd WVC

The 3rd World Vibes Congress is returning to Asbury Park, NJ on Jan. 3-4, 2015.

Get all the weekend info and reserve a hotel room at the special event rate (available until Dec. 19).

NEW! Malletech introduces the
Go2 Series of Mallets

Scott Herring's
SH 14 Go2 Mallet

Scott Herring Go2 Mallet: SH14

Ivan Trevino's
IT 13 Go2 Mallet

Ivan Trevino Go2 Mallet: IT13

Scott Herring's mallets perform well in solo repertoire, percussion ensemble and chamber music - and can be combined with other Malletech models to create a 'custom' graduated set.Ivan Trevino's 'go-to' mallets can produce a fat sound for groove-oriented playing, clean articulation for melodic playing and enough subtly for soft playing. They work well in solo or chamber music settings.

Get more info or order your new instrument today!

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Check out the NEW Go2 Series of Mallets


New Releases from KPP

Michael Burritt: Blue RidgeMichael Burritt: Blue Ridge


Blue Ridge  brings together the styles of folk music, jazz and pop, with a tip of the hat to Phillip Glass in the coda.

Can they all work together? You decide!

Watch MJB & Ivan Trevino perform
Jean-Pascal Beintus: Cordes et lames

Jean-Pascal Beintus: Cordes et lames

The first movement uses a theme that begins mysteriously and develops into something obsessive. The second movement is meditative, lyric and calming. The third movement bursts with energy and rhythm.

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Leigh Howard Stevens: Method of Movement (German Edition)L.H. Stevens: Method of Movement für Marimba (German Edition)

The most detailed text ever written on the subject of four-mallet playing. 15 chapters covering grip, strokes, shifts, tone production, interval changes, efficient movement around the instrument.

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Artist News

Stefon Harris

Tim Warfield's All Star Jazzy Christmas features vibe phenom  Stefon Harris performing at Arizona's Tempe Center for the Arts.

December 20 @ 7:30 PM

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Stefon Harris


Will James

St. Louis Symphony principal percussionist Will James is joined by pianist Peter Henderson and other members of the St. Louis Symphony for music inspired by the rhythms and sounds of Africa.

January 28 @ 8:00 PM

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Will James