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More New Releases from KPP

Rotation IV for Marimba and String Quintet
(by Eric Sammut)

Eric Sammut: Rotation IV for String Quintet
Sammut's Four Rotations have become some of the most frequently performed works for solo marimba. And this new arrangement re-imagines the catchy rhythms, memorable melodies and swinging, jazz harmonies of the original in a version for marimba and string quintet.


(by Raymond Helble)

Passacaglia (by Raymond Helble)

Commissioned by Theodor Milkov, this piece is a massive, weighty, tonally contrapuntal and technically brilliant tour de force. At 15 minutes in length, it should be programmed as a major work on a recital.


Meteor (by Stephen Ridley)

(by Stephen Ridley)

This new piece attempts to create a kind of wavering sustain by tasking each marimba with a similar-but-different part in the same register. That sound inspired the name of the work. The title is also meant to hint at the two most important musical forces in the piece: meters and mediants.  


The Other Side (of Silence)
(by Gordon Stout)

The Other Side (of Silence) (by Gordon Stout)

The Other Side (of Silence) is a beautiful new composition for 5.0 marimba, dedicated to Colleen Clark and Nagidmy Marquez. At almost eight minuts long, it winds its way through a variety of sections in different styles, moods and textures, but always returns to a place of happiness and joy.



Earth Tones (by Gary D. Ziek)

Earth Tones
(by Gary D. Ziek)

Earth Tones was composed in 2011 for the RoseWind Duo (Clifford Leaman, saxophone, and Scott Herring, marimba). It is written as a series of seven short descriptive movements, each portraying one of the diverse environments found on the planet Earth.



Rhapsodic Interplay
(by Naomi Sekiya)

Rhapsodic Interplay (by Naomi Sekiya)

Described by the Los Angeles Times as "intense, dramatic, masterfully colored and uncompromising," Naomi Sekiya continues to explore her works with resonant soundscapes, bold instrumental effects and eloquent structures.



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