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More New Releases from KPP

Mirages (for Vibraphone, Marimba, Double Bass, Drums, and Clarinet/Bass Clarinet)
(by Eric Sammut)

Eric Sammut: Mirages
Mirages is an original piece written with four movements for vibraphone, marimba, double bass, drums and clarinet/bass clarinet. The composition expresses four different musical moods and personalities. The first movement has a "cool jazz" feel to it. The second movement has been electronically processed and distorted. The third movement was inspired by a provocative composition by saxophonist Gary Thomas. The fourth movement was inspired by the "bluesy flat third" sound that permeates the film score by Bermard Herrmann in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver.


Two Scarlatti Sonatas for Marimba
(arr. by Mario Gaetano)

Two Scarlatti Sonatas for Marimba (arr. by Mario Gaetano)

Although a contemporary of J.S. Bach and Handel, Scarlatti was one of the few Baroque composers whose style transitioned into the Classical period. He composed in a variety of musical forms, but today he is known mostly for his 555 keyboard sonatas. The two arrangements in this small collection include Sonata in G Major K.2 L.388 and Sonata in e minor K.98 L.325.


Goodenberger: The Paris Pieces

The Paris Pieces
(by Mark Goodenberger)

 Our editorial board reports that this is an extremely interesting collection of 15 character pieces that is destined to be widely used in teaching studios and on the recital stage of college music programs. Fifteen vignettes composed for solo marimba, paying homage to the city of Paris can be played in any combination, in any order or in their entirety. Some selections are intermediate in difficulty and others are more challenging.  


Tailoring for Two (Marimba Duet)
(by Gordon Stout)

Stout: Tailoring for Two

Tailoring for Two was wittten for Stout's student, Taylor Katanick, and was premiered by Taylor and the composer himself in 2014 at Ithaca College. A really fun duo, requiring two 5.0 marimbas. 

Includes a 27-page spiral-bound score and two separate marimba parts.


Artist News 

LHS, Li Biao & Zivcovich in Beijing

LHS performed a solo recital for an audience of 2,500 in the main concert hall at the new National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing China on August 28th.

Other performers on the festival included China’s most famous percussionist and teacher at the Beijing Central Conservatory, Li Biao (center), and composer/marimbist Neboja Zivcovic (right).

Suffice it to say that these guys were very excited to be performing together.