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Michael Burritt on joining Malletech

"...For me, growing up ... both in school and as a young professional ... Malletech always had the artists I revered ... and to get involved with that was exciting ..."


Bach and Beyond:
An Interview w/ LHS

Leigh Howard Stevens

Percussive Notes
' Nathan Daughtry caught up with Leigh Howard Stevens to talk about his upcoming masterclass at PASIC '14, Bach and more.

The ΩmegaVibe's
PASIC debut

When we were ready to introduce the world to our ΩmegaVibe, we turned to one of the best jazz vibists out there: Joe Locke. Check out what the instrument can do in the hands of a master!

Radiohead for
vibe & marimba?

Marimbist Andrea Venet arranged two of her favorite Radiohead pieces (Weird Fish and Pyramid Song) into an amazing combo piece for marimba, vibraphone and more. With Escape 10 partner Annie Stevens, they make it work!

Will James on
snare drum sticks

"When Malletech first came to me and asked me to design a snare drum stick, my first response was Why?! ...  And now I can't imagine not having them in my bag."
- Will James


Gordon Stout talks about composition

One of KPP's most prolific composers, Gordon Stout discusses his process of composition. "I compose by plaing the instrument ... so I don't get a musical idea if I don't hear sounds from playing the instrument."


UECH: Summer to Fall

MJB's Music & More

Get LHS's Bach Book

MJB on Vinao: Part 2

NEXUS Recordings

Music by G. Stout


New Releases from KPP

Leigh Howard Stevens: Method of Movement (German Edition)L.H. Stevens: Method of Movement für Marimba (German Edition)

The most detailed text ever written on the subject of four-mallet playing. 15 chapters covering grip, strokes, shifts, tone production, interval changes, efficient movement around the instrument.

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Daniel Kessner: A KnocktetDaniel Kessner: A Knocktet

This work is a brief, five-minute burst of rhythmic energy ... a piece that requires neither a lot of instruments or much setup time. It is a piece to play and enjoy.

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Michael Burritt: Fandango 13Michael Burritt: Fandango 13

The percussion sextet Fandango 13 is a re-working of an earlier piece for keyboard percussion quartet and from a larger work commissioned by the West Point Academy.

Video Performance of Fandango 13
Jean-Pascal Beintus: Cordes et lames

Jean-Pascal Beintus: Cordes et lames

The first movement uses a theme that begins mysteriously and develops into something obsessive. The second movement is meditative, lyric and calming. The third movement bursts with energy and rhythm.

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Artist News

Behn Gillece

The Behn Gillece Quintet kicks off the late-night jam session at Fat Cat NYC.

October 24 @ 10:30 PM

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Behn Gillece


Warren Wolf

Vibraphone sensation Warren Wolf and the SFJAZZ Collective debut new compositions and the bracingly original music of Joe Henderson, the late tenor saxophone giant.

October 24-26 @ 7:30 PM

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Warren Wolf


Nathaniel Bartlett

The Overture Center for the Arts hosts electro/acoustic marimbist Nathaniel Bartlett performing apex altissimo -
a work for marimba, computer and mallet/body-tracking interface.

October 26 @ 6:30 PM

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Nathaniel Bartlett