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Malletech in the News

Malletech artists at the Barnes Foundation

Earlier this past May, an all-star lineup of Malletech artists converged at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia for the museum's First Friday event. On hand were Malletech owner Leigh Howard Stevens, Stefon Harris, Warren Wolf, Tony Miceli, the Escape 10 duo (Annie Stevens & Andrea Venet) and Xylopholks (Jon Singer and bassist Steve Whipple).
Also in attendance was a reporter from the Jersey Jazz Journal and the host of Good Vibes, Gloria Krolak. If you missed this exciting event, check out her article ... and stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to hear Malletech's finest artists!


Introducing The Escape X
Publication Series


Drew Worden: A One Way Ticket 

Drew Worden: A One Way Ticket

A One Way Ticket was inspired by Kelsey Burritt's poem, Drone, notes Worden. "There do not appear to be strong cadences ... where one has time to stop and think about the last several lines ... rather, the poem begs you to keep reading until it simply stops -- in an entirely different place from where it began."



Christopher Cook: Abandoned Roadside Chorale

Christopher Cook: Abandoned Roadside Chorale

It is hard not to be curious about something hawked by a hundred billboards as you drive through the back of beyond. Many of these campy roadside attractions are eerily abandoned but still a worthy destination for the curious motorist (and touring percussion duo).



Steve Danyew: Chorale Variations 

Steve Danyew: Chorale Variations

Chorale Variations is scored for two marimbas and consists of five short movements. The piece was commissioned by Escape X in 2013.


Highlights from the
36th Annual LHS Summer Marimba Seminar


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Learn more about Escape 10

Learn more about the LHS Summer Marimba Seminar


New Releases from KPP

Castle Valse Classique, Xylo & Mar. Quartet (arr. Yurika Kimura) Castle Valse Classique, Xylo & Mar. Quartet
(arr. Yurika Kimura)

The name Castle Valse Classique refers to the dance team of Vernon and Irene Castle, who specialized in ballroom dance during the 1910s and 20s. The Castles' "hesitation waltz" treatment of Dvorak's Humoresque became one of their signature numbers, and Green's spectacular obbligato xylophone performance made the music persuasive enough to stand alone on records.

Read More about Castle Valse Classique
Prelude in G Major for Two Marimbas (arr. by Yurika Kimura) Prelude in G Major for Two Marimbas
(arr. by Yurika Kimura)

It is assumed that each numbered opus from Clair Omar Musser consisted of 20 pieces, but there is no surviving evidence of them now. The version of Opus 11, Number 3, published in 1948, had some issues with the chords and expression markings, which have been corrected in this new edition from Yurika Kimura.

Also: Etude in Ab Major for Two Marimbas
Greg Harrison: Echoes No. 1 for Marimba and DelayGreg Harrison: Echoes No. 1

This piece requires some form of delay mechanism, which produces the "echoing" effect from the marimba throughout the work. Marimbists are encouraged to explore the varied possibilities of this work.

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Troy Bennefield: Four Rondeaux for MarimbaTroy Bennefield: Four Rondeaux for Marimba

Mauro Giuliani, often considered the leading Italian guitar virtuoso of the 19th century, is famous  for his concertos, sonatas, duos, songs and studies. In this collection, four of Giuliani's most memorable rondeaux have been transcribed for marimba. 

  Meet Composer/Arranger Troy Bennefield

Artist News

   Behn Gillece Quartet Live @

       Congratulations to Behn on the

      release of his latest CD, Mindset.

               June 29 @ 9:00 PM
                    Event Details 

gillece-behn creditpauldempsey


Michael Burritt @ Chosenvale


June 29 - July 11th

Event Details


                                    ZMF CMYK Rev 

                                    Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts          

 stout-gordon         ivan-mallet-promo-pic1        images-4             

  Gordon Stout                           Ivan Trevino                        Stefon Harris


                                           June 28th - July 11th  

                                                     Event Details