Mallets and Accessories:

Mallets and accessory products are warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship.  Malletech will repair or replace the products or components, as determined by Malletech at its sole discretion, which are found to be defective.  As with cars, computers, jeans, etc., it is your responsibility to ship or deliver the item to the factory for inspection.  If, in the sole judgment of the manufacturer, the product or component is found to be defective, Malletech will repair the item or replace it.  If the product is found to be defective, shipping will be paid for by Malletech.

Malletech may require proof of purchase date prior to service (all products).

Please note that all products (phones, jeans, mallets) have a useful life expectancy that is directly proportional to the amount and stress of use.  For example, if you have only one set of wound mallets and you play with them for four hours per day, they will last only half as long as if you played 2 hours with one set and 2 hours with another.  Malletech has long experience with wear patterns – sharp resonator edges and asphalt leave clues.  Any mallet head can be snapped off with a single misplaced stroke.  Bob Becker can use a pair of BB32’s (with a very tight, very thin latex band) for many months without wearing the band through.  His stroke is perfectly straight up and down (no friction caused by a glancing stroke) and he never plays on abrasive synthetic bars . . . or asphalt.  We have heard of players wearing out a new pair of BB32’s in one day – this is not a defect in materials or workmanship.  This is a defect in technique not covered by warranty.  There are countless sets of Malletech Concertos, Vibe mallets and other models, made in the 1980’s that are still making music today.

Sheet Music

Keyboard Percussion Publications and Studio 4 Music make every effort to publish error-free scores.  However, composers, editors and engravers do make mistakes.  If you find a note error in any of our publications, please report it to us.  If we have not been previously informed of the error, we will thank you with a $10 gift certificate toward any purchase at MostlyMarimba.com.