Greg Harrison: Echoes No.1

Echoes No. 1 for Marimba and Delay is a new work for solo marimba and delay. This piece requires some form of delay mechanism, which produces the “echoing” effect from […]

Andrea Venet

How cool are these GREEN VIBES! New Video Submission: “My Favorite Things” Arrangement by Andrea Venet Escape X Duo – Andrea Venet and Annie Stevens Live performance at Virginia Tech, […]

Michael Burritt: Fandango 13

Eastman Percussion Ensemble performs Fandango 13 by Michael Burritt. “I think of Fandango 13 as a virtuosic burst of energy from beginning to end. It was premiered by the Eastman […]

Escape X: A One Way Ticket

Andrea Venet and Annie Stevens are at it again! Check out their new video submission ‘A One Way Ticket’ Drum Duo by Drew Worden “A One Way Ticket is inspired […]

Desperate Attitudes (by Gordon Stout)

Desperate Attitudes, performed by the TCU Percussion Orchestra. The TCU Percussion Orchestra, conducted by Brian A. West, performs “Desperate Attitudes” by Gordon Stout live on 11-7-2016 at TCU. If you […]

Bob Becker: Mudra

Mudra, performed by Bob Becker and the Amadinda Percussion Group in Budapest, 2005. Click here to purchase the sheet music to Mudra.

Bob Becker: Palta

Palta, by Bob Becker. Performed by NEXUS with Steve Gadd, soloist. From Super Percussion, Tokyo Music Joy Festival on February 25, 1988. Click here to purchase the sheet music to […]

Bob Becker: Turning Point

NEXUS performing “Turning Point” (by Bob Becker) in Hondo City, Amakusa, Japan on February 11, 1995. Click here to purchase the sheet music to Turning Point.

Quondam Reflections (by Gordon Stout)

“Quondam Reflections,” performed by Nick Merillat. Commissioned by the James Madison University Percussion Studio. “Quondam Reflections” is a multi-sectioned, through-composed marimba solo that explores many textures, polyrhythms, and rhythmic transformations. […]

Morphic Resonance (by Gordon Stout)

“Morphic Resonance,” performed by Marco Schirripa. World premiere recording of “Morphic Resonance” (2014) by Gordon Stout. Performed by Marco Schirripa at Tennessee Tech University, 1/29/2017. Video by Adam Sprouse. If […]

Michael Burritt: Sara’s Song

Michael Burritt performs his own composition, Sara’s Song. “Sara’s Song was written in 2005 for one of my dear friends’ daughter’s wedding, Sara Sartarelli. I believe the short work represents […]