Jeremie Carrier

Jérémie Carrier is a young Canadian composer and percussionist. Born in Moncton New
Brunswick 1993, He started his musical explorations on the drum set and eventually began his
bachelor's degree where he was exposed to classical Marimba, interpretation and keyboard
improvisation. These discoveries led to an urge to learn more and create works of his own. In
2016 he began his masters in Jazz Vibraphone to expand on his knowledge of jazz harmony
and improvisation.
During his masters degree, he grew into a passionate musician who approaches the process of
composing from an interprets point of view, always looking for new ways to express himself in
both compositional and improvisational mediums. Specializing in classical, jazz and electronic
music, his creative approach bridges the gaps between these rich musical dimensions,
creating a cohesive blend that reflects his diverse musical inspirations.
Recently he has begun his Doctorat studies at l'Université de Laval in Quebec City where he is
exploring the technological possibilities of augmented mallet percussions such as the electric
vibraphone. His musical endeavours also include experimentation with electronic backing
tracks, looping mallet percussion, classical and jazz fusions and the perfection of electroacoustic
soundscapes. Always looking forward, to the new innovations in technology and
theory for sources of inspiration.

From Jeremie Carrier