Suite V (J.S. Bach/arr. Andrea Venet)

An amalgamation of Bach’s solo string suites for cello and lute, arranged for marimba.


This solo suite arrangement/transcription is a synthesis of J.S. Bach’s solo string suites BWV1011 and BWV995 for solo cello and lute. I have transposed and added extra harmonies, figuration and ornamentation from the lute version in G minor (BWV995) into the cello version (BWV1011). I have chosen to integrate and reference the lute version for two main reasons, with the first being that the lute, as a plucked, chordal instrument, has inherent characteristics in common with the marimba. Secondly, integrating harmonies and added contrapuntal lines into the cello suite has provided a more in-depth understanding of Bach’s intended character and compositional devices.

-Andrea Venet

Listen to all six movements here!

There are numerous interpretations on how ornamentations in Baroque music are to be performed. This publication comes with a full page of written examples that have clear notations on how the ornaments in this suite are to be performed. The suite, which originally was written for solo cell and for cello and lute, includes six movements: “Prelude,” “Allemande,” “Courante,” “Sarabande,” “Gavotte I,” and “Gavotte II.”

The original suite is written in G minor, and this arranged version is in C minor. As expected in this type of publication, there are no dynamic markings, mallet suggestions, or tempo markings. The musical expression is thus performed by the soloist’s experience and maturity. This is an excellent setting of the Suite, and it could be performed with eac movement stranding alone or as a total work.

-George Frock, Percussive Notes, July 2019



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