A Bunch of Roses (arr. for Theatre Orchestra)

Freedom and spontaneity are encouraged in this theatre orchestra arrangement of A Bunch of Roses, featuring a xylophone solo.

William Cahn joined the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra as principal percussionist after graduating form the Eastman School of Music in 1968.

The four marimba parts in this arrangement have been designed to be playable by four performers on two marimba: one four-octave (parts 1 and 2) and one four-and-one-third-octave (parts 3 and 4). If the latter is not available, it is possible to play the notes written in the lowest one-third-octave by transposing them up an octave on a four-octave marimba. Of course each part may be played on a separate marimba.

For this arrangement freedom and spontaneity are to be encouraged, not only in the solo xylophone part, but also in all accompaniment parts. To the extent possible, it is preferable that any improvisation be within the style of the music.

Percussion accompaniments, though optional, are also to be encouraged – again within the general style of the music. Such accompaniments must be improvised since there are no separate percussion parts, and therefore the percussion players should learn to know the music from memory.

Above all, have fun!

11 page score, arranged for theatre orchestra (18 parts)



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Orchestra, 6+ Players, Arrangement/Transcription

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