Clear Midnight

Titled after the Walt Whitman poem, Burritt wrote Clear Midnight for the Escape X Percussion Duo to showcase their dynamic virtuosity.

Michael Burritt is Professor of Percussion and head of the department at the Eastman School of Music.

Clear Midnight was commissioned by and dedicated to the fabulous Escape X Percussion Duo. The work is essentially two movements in one. The first part functioning much like an introduction or prologue, and the second, a 3 part movement unto itself. The piece is intended to be a “tour de force” for these two dynamic performers showcasing their versatile skills and impassioned musical voice.

The title Clear Midnight is a reference to a Walt Whitman poem titled “A Clear Midnight”. The poem resonates with one of my most cherished times of day and the hour I tend to set much of my creative work in motion.

-Michael Burritt

Recipient of the 2018 Music Publishers Association Paul Revere Award for Graphic Excellence: Third Prize – Cover Design featuring Photograph



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