A virtuosic showcase for solo drummer accompanied by percussion quartet.

Michael Burritt is Professor of Percussion and head of the department at the Eastman School of Music.

Meaning “hope” in Latin, Spero is a virtuosic piece for solo drummer, accompanied by 2 vibraphones, marimba, and piano. Spero is both a nod to the traditions of the past as well as the promising future that young percussionists inspire. Written as an homage to Mudra by Bob Becker, the composer states that “while writing this piece, I kept reflecting on the need for hope,” and “young people everywhere… are the hope for the future of music, and so much more.”

Instrumentation: snare drum, muted tenor drum, cajon, tam-tam, 2 vibraphones, 1 5.0-octave marimba, 3 congas, crotales, bass drum, 4 medium, double-headed tom toms, 4 large, double-headed tom toms, piano



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3-5 Players

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