Dampening Studies

Building from concepts established in David Friedman’s dampening and pedaling book, Mayman’s Dampening Studies is a comprehensive method which guides players through 16 musical etudes structured to address the various technical intricacies of vibraphone dampening while also illustrating the best applications for various musical scenarios.


Addressing this unique but foundational vibraphone technique, Dampening Studies offers a comprehensive, insightful, yet practical approach to understanding and mastering vibraphone dampening.  Starting from a basic introduction, players are systematically guided through a progression of musical and technical concepts serving as a foundation from which to build more advanced techniques.  As the book progresses, innovative and lesser-known dampening effects, aimed at challenging and inspiring players of all ability levels, are introduced.  The book concludes with a section on advanced dampening techniques that pushes boundaries while opening the door for players to explore their own creativity of expression.

While the book focuses on technique, musicality is a particular point of emphasis.  Each of the major concepts presented in the book are grounded in purposefully-written musical etudes designed to simulate a variety of styles ranging from jazz, to classical, pop and beyond.  Each of these etudes seek to ground the various dampening concepts in musical practicality with the goal of demonstrating not only how to execute each technique, but why the technique is necessary.

Beyond technique itself, Dampening Studies offers players access to unparalleled creative potential for the vibraphone, and with it, a cross-genre array of expressive possibilities including phrasing, harmony, solo playing, accompanying, and much more.  Master dampening to help elevate the vibraphone to these new heights and secure its place as the uniquely powerful and versatile instrument it can be!

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