Weiss Guy

Written in tribute to percussion retail giant Steve Weiss, this mixed percussion ensemble piece for 12 players combines minimalism, quartal harmonies, improvisation and Afro-Cuban drumming.

Vibraphonist Tony Miceli, whose playing has been compared with the legendary Milt Jackson and Gary Burton, grew up in New Jersey, currently resides in Philadelphia, and has been working steadily on the jazz scene since 1980.

Weiss Guy was written by Tony Miceli and James Armstrong in tribute to Steve Weiss, founder of Steve Weiss Music — the largest percussion retailer in the US, who tragically passed in 2014. Miceli writes of Weiss:

…as I was writing Weiss Guy and messing around with minimalism in my own way, Steve died. I thought about how simple and basic this guy was. He had the biggest percussion store in the world… Despite that, he seemed to be a bare-bones, hippie-lifestyle kind of guy. At that point, I kept thinking of Steve as I wrote the piece and it became his.

Scored for 12 players, Weiss Guy is a mixed percussion ensemble piece that infuses minimalism with jazz quartal harmonies and plenty of room for improvisation, anchored by Armstrong’s Afro-Cuban drums and percussion accompaniment. A tribute fitting of the man whose name the piece bears.



Performance Type

6+ Players