Water Marks

Written on a flight while traveling to Asia, Miceli wanted to compose a difficult yet lyrical piece for solo vibraphone. The resulting “Water Marks” is so named because it is reminiscent of drops of rain splashing as they fall into a puddle.

Vibraphonist Tony Miceli, whose playing has been compared with the legendary Milt Jackson and Gary Burton, grew up in New Jersey, currently resides in Philadelphia, and has been working steadily on the jazz scene since 1980.

For Solo Vibraphone

“I wrote Water Marks on a plane traveling to Asia. I had most of it done in about 10 hours or so. When I listened back, I had the image of water splashing onto something. Many times the vibes remind me of rain drops or splashes of water. Just a weird thing in my head. I also wanted to write a challenging vibe piece. And this one is difficult. However I didn’t want it to sound too crazy; I like lyrical things. So I wrote it on the plane, went home and tried to play it and realized how difficult it is. I remember learning it and wishing I had more time. If you can put the time in to master this piece like I did, hopefully your playing will give your listeners the relaxing imagery of splashing water, like I got on that plane!”

-Tony Miceli



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